How Sekhem is taught

Goddess of Healing

Goddess of Healing

Sekhem is taught in small intimate groups or one to one by private arrangement in Aboyne. Training dates and tours around sacred sites are posted on: and

Sekhem is taught in 3 separate levels; 1, 2, and Advanced and then the Master Level can be applied for in writing if you wish to teach. No pre-requisites are necessary to do the first level, save an interest in the energy. For those who are used to working with high energy, the first two levels may be taught together. In all other cases, there is a lapse of some months between the different levels, as there is much knowledge that comes with the use of the energy

Training courses include relevant manuals and initiation and are NOT limited to the training days as individuals we all learn at different rates therefore training includes as much repetition as the student needs. Full details of student support policy given on request.

It is also strongly recommended to come along for some treatments from myself or another practitioner (please ask for recommendations) to give you firsthand experience of the energy before beginning training. Read more

Spirituality #1 – Portals of Initiation

Portals of Initiation

Truth seekers have, since time immemorial, sought to transcend the barriers between different dimensions, in order to raise consciousness, both personally and globally, and have used a wide array of approaches to achieve such expanded experiences or shifts in vibration. Vicki Rebecca gives us a personal account of the times spent at these amazing locations that facilitate such transcendence.

It has always been said that such locations or sacred sites, which tend to be sited on very powerful ley lines, are where the veil between this and higher vibrational worlds or dimensions is ‘thin’; and certainly because our reality is created by electro-magnetic energies, the only difference between these dimensions is, quite simply, vibration. CNV00016-13
These energetic centers are also referred to as portals, stellar or solar discs, inter dimensional openings, doorways, star gates, bridges, and so on.They transport information from one reality to another, allowing us somehow to move between realms. Portals are in a constant state of change; they open and close, and can be found just about anywhere. Larger, stronger portals are found in power places, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, the Mayan Pyramids, Machu Picchu, and other sacred sites.

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Let me introduce myself

Our world has been in transformation since the lead up to 2012. Many of us realized for some time that it wasn’t a magical cut off point but a gradual shift during which we would transform and evolve until any darkness that has held us back from being all that we can be was dissolved. We needed to change, systems needed to change, which of course includes big systems like governments, companies, families, and each one of us personally.

For many years I have been helping others change. Then circumstances were such in my life that I had to turn within. During that period I developed the hypnotherapy side of my work and wrote a book. A self help book. I have always hated that so many who wrote to me for help through hypnosis and energy work, simply couldn’t afford it. So everything I do now: tours; events; 1-2-1 and products will be in order to reach a larger audience. To achieve this I am working in partnership with new people and trying new things while teaching and writing in the way that my students and clients have been telling me they love and appreciate – straight and simple. Read more