What do you really want for Christmas?

We are now fast approaching midwinter, a time of hibernation and of contraction for all of nature including us. Traditionally  a time when we look back on the year and what it brought. This year I stayed home. It may sound trivial but for me it was massive.  Staying home  didn’t make sense – it […]

Untether the Unicorn

Live your life, listen to your heart, listen to your body, do as you’re inspired to and you will receive everything you need as these huge changes in our world take place

I was so struck yesterday while out chatting with folks about the referendum for independence, a momentous event in Scottish history, that for a short while I too gave into the fear that many seemed consumed by. My heart sank when I saw their pain – “I might lose my job, my house, my friends, who can we trust” – TRUST YOURSELVES I thought. We need to let go of controlling life of trying to make things happen. We need to let the divine timing of everything be felt, to be guided by our own rhythms and choices, and as we open to new possibilities, as we allow life more we find our experiences open up. There is nothing surer or more certain than change, there will be change here in Scotland whichever way the vote goes of that there is no doubt. In many ways this may not have been a time of our choosing but it is time of divine choosing. Read more

Sometimes we don’t even know what we want in life….

We’ve been talking about goals and intentions but sometimes we just know it needs to be different to how it is right now.

The beginning of change always starts with knowledge, self-knowledge and sometimes just knowing that you don’t want things to stay as they are is enough.

If you don’t have a clue what you even want, my guess as the self-appointed Guru of Gorgeousness is that either your self-esteem needs a massive overhaul for the year ahead or there are situations in your life that really do need changing. Either way without self-knowledge you may well find yourself on a not so merry go round of iffing, butting and anal-ising. Don’t bother just start to take some time out to relax and soon you will know how to get to your hearts truth. Let me help you: Read more

What would you ask for If you could have anything you wanted?

Let’s just pretend that there are no limits – let’s pretend that the Bare Bum Doctor, Handsome Harry, Curly the Cougar or OK: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or the genie in the magic frigging lamp (just whoever does it for you) has waved their magic wand and all things are possible.

If all things are possible you may as well let go of all your objections and go for it. Throw it all into the quantum soup…. Write it down, write without pause. Grab the pen and paper, yes an actual pen and paper – get off the laptop and WRITE!

And do it NOW – don’t wait for the inevitable February remorse to get to the resolutions. (3 days of dead bird and sugar set you off didn’t it, not to mention the pre-holiday stress – I know) Let’s RE – SOLVE NOW that way you will have less remorse to start with. Read more

YEARS END What was great and what was awful about 2013?

Almost December, drawing to the year end, time for reflection.

How will you spend your thoughts?

What was great and what was awful about 2013?

For me 2013 has been about enjoying the fruits from the great transformations of 2012 and laying the structure for the next steps which are so exciting on every level. I would like to share what in 2012 that made great changes possible for me, perhaps it will help and inspire you too. Read more